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Reiki, Crystal Healing, Atlantean healing, Avalonian Alignment and Kundalini/Tantra Yoga.

The practice is within easy reach of Brockley train station or 343 and 484 bus routes. I am situated off of Saint Norberts road or at the 'Parlour' treatment room in the Telegraph Hill centre Kitto road SE14 5TY. I am also now going to be offering therapy at the Dragonfly yoga studio, Dragonfly Place, Endwell Road, London SE4 2FJ.
I also work for many organisations around London, I have recently started a project at 'Amy's Place' which is a recovery house for young women in early recovery from they're addictions run by the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Reiki is the age-old Japanese art form of healing, and was discovered around 100 years ago by Mikao Usui who was a Cristian monk.
Rei meaning ' universal' and Ki meaning 'life force' is an intelligent energy that when channelled through the palms of the hands can heal you on many levels.
I have been attuned to this energy by a Reiki master so that I can help to heal people which I look upon as a pure gift from the universe.
Reiki will help to heal you emotionally, mentally physically and spiritually and help to relieve symptoms such as stress and anxiety.

I have also experienced working with people with physical symptoms such as back pain and even worked with an amputee who felt lots of relief in his legs and lower back after a session.

I am also experienced at working with patients presenting conditions such as addiction, depression and mental health.
I have experience working with people in early recovery from drug and alcohol abuse and have found that the healing they receive from me helps balance them emotionally mentally physically and spiritually helping them to cope with the stresses of life during and just after detox.
It has also helped with their depression and made the physical symptoms of detoxing easier to cope with whilst sharing how they feel after a treatment helps with the trauma of addiction (i,e guilt and shame) allowing the person to release their pain in a safe and caring place. It also helps them to connect with a higher power to aid them in their recoveries.

I have also worked with people who have stressful jobs and who just need relief on that level. The therapies are great at relieving stress related symptoms in life and will help you become more focused and grounded.

I use crystals to help remove any blockages or negative energies. I have seen massive results with people who have had blockages, the crystals have aided in their healing process massively and as I am attuned to their energies I always charge them with reiki and make sure they are fully cleansed before all my treatments.

I also offer my services at events such as pamper parties, wellbeing shows and festivals, or any other event you would like a healer to attend.
I can also come to your home if you would prefer a treatment done in your own environment.

I also offer meditation sessions on a 1 to 1 basis or for groups. If you are an organisation or charity I can come into your place of work to do this.

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